6 Effective Ways to Feel More Confident

We all know what confidence means, right? But have any of us really, truly felt confident ?

Do you ever find yourself not doing something or not trying something that you really want to do simply because of a lack of confidence? Like you’re not good enough, so what’s the point?

Well, when I started blogging and my YouTube channel I was not really sure what will happen and I didn’t know that people may pass negative remarks , issue is when we start new things there is a scary feeling and nervousness and on top of it if someone will pass a negative remark we tends to go down and I am no different it has happened with me as well. Perhaps slowly with an experience I understood what matters .

Today I thought I’d share with you 6 effective ways to really build up your confidence the way I did to build up mine .

1.Practice positive self-talk

Negative self-talk and a lack of confidence seem to go hand-in-hand. Our thoughts really are a powerful thing, and they can change our behaviors, decisions, and ultimately our lives. So try to re-frame your thoughts. Instead of saying to yourself “I can’t do this, I’m too scared,” change your thoughts to “I can do this and I’ll be a stronger person for facing my fears!” I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s why you have to practice it.

I have done it I am sure you will . I trust you .

2.Dress confidently

Dressing nicely will help you feel good about yourself. When I say this, I don’t mean expensive clothes or trendy clothes. Wear clothes that you like. Things that compliment your body and make you feel confident and pretty.

3.Practice gratitude

As you may or may not know by now, I’m a huge fan of practicing gratitude ! When you take a look at your life and realize all of the awesome things you have, it makes you happy. It helps you realize that your life isn’t as bad as you thought it was. It also helps you feel more confident and secure.

4.Set yourself goals (and achieve them)

One instant confidence-booster is achieving a goal. I’m not talking about a huge goal; it’s actually better to set small ones. If you set a goal that’s too big and you fail, you’ll only feel worse about yourself. So write down a few small goals for yourself and work towards achieving them. The more you achieve, the more you’ll be able to set, and then you’ll have a better chance of achieving bigger goals .This will make you feel super confident.

5.Learn to laugh at yourself

If you take yourself too seriously, it can damage your confidence. We’re all human, we all make mistakes, we all embarrass ourselves from time to time. So, learn to take it lightly. Learn to laugh it off and laugh at yourself! This helps you pick yourself up, damage-free, and move forward with your life.

6.Stop comparing yourself to others

There’s really no point in comparing yourself to other people. No one is better or worse than anyone else. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, we all have our good traits and our not-so-great traits. We’re all equal and we’re all on this planet for a reason. So you’re just wasting your time and energy, not to mention hurting yourself, when you’re playing the comparison game.

Just understand that you are amazing and you can do anything and everything.

That’s all for today .



4 thoughts on “6 Effective Ways to Feel More Confident

  1. Brilliant advice about feeling more confidant and embodying confidence. I have always become more confident when I do something I am afraid to do for the first time – like public speaking – like your YouTube channel I guess. Thanks for the share and encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice… I think I needed this the most right now.. it’s simple yet beautifully penned down.. it’s encouragement that one need…
    Though I am good at point 5 & 6.. very nice..

    Liked by 1 person

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