The Wassup Flea – Reasons To Visit

Why should I go to The Wassup flea market instead of lazily lying in bed?

If, by any chance, you are one of those people who gets this question, then my friend you just reached a perfect destination. And you’ll probably change your perception after reading this.

Today on the blog I am going to talk about the good reasons why you should visit.

1. It’s an Experience: The Wassup Flea market is an entirely different experience. There’s a uniqueness to it: the colourful and bright stalls, unique products, handcrafted & antique products, talented and creative sellers and a story behind every product and seller. Recently The wassup flea has celebrated their 4th anniversary and I am being a die-hard fan of the flea market was the first person to be at , on 5th of May 2018 and as usual, I was overblown by the wide variety of products. For me visiting flea is like reliving a ride from the past. Different times and eras merge together in a place with full positive vibes. You can only sense it if you have ever been.


2.Retail therapy: Time for shopping! The whole point of a flea market is for vendors and customers to meet. There are so many products on sale. Vendors were selling clothes, jewellery, shoes, handbags, perfumes, head wraps and so many other items. I got myself two lovely outfits, plant from Ugaoo and lovely handmade crafts.I do understand that Shopping may not be everyone’s hobby but the wassup flea market is an entirely different experience. The entire sight was a feast to the eyes. You will find a number of unique and handcrafted products in a flea market, perhaps a must visit.

3. The FOOD is great and you can DRINK with LIVE MUSIC: Shopping can really build up an appetite! When you’re hungry and thirsty after wandering around the Flea, you can take a break to enjoy the food trucks, live music performance,  can read books at the section, play board games ,children can play in the kid’s zone etc which means you can relax and can spend some quality time before plunging back into the shopping zone .


4. Pets are allowed: The wassup Flea allows dogs into the market to enjoy the experience. So if you’ve got a doggy in tow, you won’t have to worry about them.

5. The plethora of Gigs and Activities: You name it and you will get it, starting from Music Bands, drum circles, star gazing, Zumba, comedy night and what not.


6.Good vibes: Happiness is a moment. Being with the one you love lying on the grass listing to the music while spending some quality time is what we all look for and one place where you can get is the flea market. Vibes can only be experienced, so make sure you folks visit this flea market, for more information on The wassup flea and to book your ticket for the next upcoming edition head over to Link 

See you soon!

Love – Shragvee

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