Salman Khan’s Da-Bangg Tour Press conference

The Da-bangg tour is finally happening in Pune and I am super excited for it . After enthralling many cities in the world Bollywood stars are now landing in Pune on 24th March 2018.

Recently Mr. Sohail Khan came to Pune to do an official announcement of the Da-Bangg tour in a press conference held at Hyatt Regency Pune . He said that they all are geared up and well prepared to sweep Pune off its feet and expecting a lot from Pune .

As a Blogger I received an invitation to cover the press conference and did ask few questions from Sohail Khan regarding the Da- bangg tour like how many stars are coming and in which city are you landing next .

After the press conference we had an amazing sumptuous lunch at Hyatt and then call it a day .

Here are few glimpse .

Well , I am super excited for this what about you , do check out the tickets they are available on BookMyShow and ticket express .


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