Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser Review

The daily bout of pollution makes it mandatory to follow CTM regime religiously however many of us find difficulties in getting a good cleanser, toner or moisturiser.

In today’s post, I am taking you through the Cleanser review which I have started using. You guys know that a few days ago I got an invitation from Kiehl’s  (Evening with Kiehl’s) where I got to know about the Kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser and few other products after proper one to one skin care consultation so thought of giving it a try.

The brand claims that – ” This mild cleanser is specially formulated with a sugar-derived glycoside foaming agent to thoroughly cleanse skin and remove makeup, without over-drying or stripping skin of its natural oils. With effective emollients Squalane, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E, and Avocado Oil, our gentle formula dissolves excess oil, dirt, and debris. PH-balanced to maintain skin’s natural balance. Tested for safety and gentleness. ”

My Experience with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser:

  • It’s a translucent white cleanser that foams well when you apply it on your skin.
  • The most special thing about this cleanser is that it also removes your face makeup. I have washed my face with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser after full makeup on and to my surprise, every last bit of makeup comes off.
  • It comes in a squeeze tube so it’s easier to carry around.
  • You just need a pea size amount for your face.
  • People with combination skin type according to me will love using this product the most, however, the brand says that it is for all skin types.
  • Also, if you are looking for a two in one (makeup remover + cleanser) product, it’s a great pick.
  • It does dry a skin but any normal moisturizer would rectify that.

The best part about Kiehl’s is that it encourages you to try samples of their product first before you buy it.

Here is the swatch :

Directions for Use: Apply a small amount to clean fingertips and gently massage into damp facial areas in upward, circular motions, avoiding the immediate eye area. Rinse thoroughly or assure removal of cleanser residue with a damp washcloth.

Recommendation: I will definitely recommend this product especially if you have a combination skin type, however, brand claims that it is meant for all skin type so you may give it a try for sure after using the samples which are available in their stores.

Rating: 4/5

See you soon!


Shragvee .

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