Letter to my 16 year old self

Dear Little Shragvee,

You are about to get on a really astounding journey. It will take many twists and turns over the coming years. You will learn so much from everyone you meet.

Your dream is to be an engineer because you have said to your mom when she didn’t allow you to have burgers, ” the time I will do the job I will eat burgers why don’t you let me eat.” Later you will realize how this stupid line boosted you to be an engineer.


In many ways, your life will be like the second wave in a set (you’ll only understand when you get there). Second waves in a set somehow are always a bigger more adventurous ride. Everybody goes for the first, and most of your friends will make it on the first wave. They’ll fall in love, get married and have kids before you do. Just know that the second wave is grand and more often than not is a hell of a ride.

Soon you will join an MNC and you will get annoyed because of some jerks and suddenly you will get a news and your world will be devastated.

Losing a mother is a pain that cannot be described in words. Her death will cage you in pain, agony and misery. But you know what death thinks it can take mom away from you. But it doesn’t know she will always live in your memory.

She was strong and you will become stronger. Soon you will pick up yourself and will engrave a life of your own. The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you…the dawn is coming.

You will engross yourself in work and would try to do your best to be the best.You would spend nights watching YouTube videos and then one day, you’ll have the courage to start your own blog and that would be the start of everything good in your life.

Soon you will get a reward for being a performer in recognition for showing excellent delivery commitment at the office and you will see a successful career as a software engineer, as a blogger and as a YouTuber.

You must be happy after reading this but let me tell you, you will find difficulties in many ways and you have to understand this.

Understand, People that get in your way are just a test of your patience and your ability to deal with them.

Unfortunately, you’ll fail this test over and over again. Fortunately, the failure will leave you with many valuable life lessons. Your greatest weaknesses will actually turn out to be your greatest strengths.

I know you think you’re dumb in front of everyone when you think you might do grammatical mistakes, just remember to keep learning and striving hard and let me tell you- little girls will look up to you one day and would want to be like you. People will befriend you only because they want something from you and then will leave you but the true ones will still stay

You know what you are a pure soul because you won’t treat anyone badly. From a waiter to a beggar, to a taxi driver you’ll love and respect everyone equally because you know the value of being loved unconditionally without any labels.

Trust that there’s always more adventure and happiness around every single corner. Trust that your wildest dreams can and will come true. Everything is going to come true. Your dreams will become reality, just don’t give up and please please don’t ever doubt yourself which I know you usually do. The amount of love you’re going to get will overshadow everything that you ever faced. You’ll have to pinch yourself daily because you’re going to be living your dream darling.

You will work hard and will have a lot of fun, as you grow and learn with others. You are smart, determined and you have the precious gift of always finding the positive in negative situations

Just hold on tight!!

Keep moving!!!!


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