Styling Tips : Glaring and Enliven summer


Does it happen to you when you find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe staring at clothes but you observe that all the fabrics, prints and colours you see are not making sense to you any longer?

Well, that is nothing but a very common syndrome  I-have-nothing-to-wear has just smacked you. Now either you will go for the shopping or you may go smart by mixing and matching prints.

Today I am gonna tell you how to make your summer nights look enliven and glaring by mix and matching your old fabrics and how you can smack any evening ethnic party with a vogue, but there are a few guidelines to follow if you want to avoid a jarring and uncoordinated look.  As you read below, keep in mind that the patterns and colours don’t need to “match” each other, they just need to “go” together.

1.Minimum is always good

The idea is to play with prints without crowding them. In this look, I focused on how to match this long skirt that I bought a year back from one of the flea markets with the fabrics that I have in my closet, what I did I took out my golden blouse and matched it with an ethnic multicoloured short waistcoat to give this look.

This look oozes out a fresh vibe and works perfectly for Spring summer. Keeping it minimal, I styled my outfit with super comfortable golden mojari. I like to call this the free spirit colourful look.

2. Use Accessory wisely

While selecting an accessory always keep in mind that the focus of the outfit is the pattern, not the accessory and always keep it minimal.

3.Mix patterns from the same colour family.

In this look, I teamed my pink dupatta considering the pink hue at the bottom of the long skirt. Using hues from one main colour when mixing patterns can create a very subtle look.

If you have a single colour, play with different shades of the colour.  So long as you still vary the scale and type of pattern, you can create a very cohesive look of mixed patterns this way. Always use colours with consistent intensities.  For example never mix pastel, with a bold jewel tone and vice-versa.


4.Group together patterns that have similar styles

If you have a defined style in your closet, also give some thought as to the types of patterns that you mix together.  Traditional patterns tend to mix easier with other traditional patterns, versus mixing them with bold, contemporary prints.

Last but not the least don’t be afraid to break the rules.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so break the rules if it looks good to you!

That’s all for today.

See you soon till then #bepeerless.

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