I basically worship at the altar of Sephora and Mac. When I step inside their stores, I feel a bit relaxed. I pace myself, taking the time to sniff every scent, spray every perfume, and slather every cream on my face. I recently bought few products from Sephora and Mac.

I have planned that I will provide the review on each product post by post.

So the first product is,


MRP:  Rs 1450 /-


I first tried the Sephora Primer on my hand and was impressed by its silky smooth feel and the way it reduced the look of lines on my hand and so I knew I had to buy it and try it out on my face. It has a silicone gel like texture and like I said it has a silky smooth feel and it gives a silky smooth finish too. It’s a mattifying primer, so it does reduce shine and helps produce a good flawless finish.


MRP:  Rs 1450 /-

It’s a nice transparent pump bottle. The primer is also transparent hence it suits everyone whether one is fair, wheatish or dark. Just apply a small amount of primer on the face as a base. It makes the skin smooth in one go. No itching or redness. Even after 3-4 hours now, my makeup doesn’t need to touch up. It keeps the makeup intact for long hours. It does not make the face greasy or black. No harmful effects on skin too. It’s totally a life saver. I would recommend it for sure!



MRP:  Rs 1450 /-


How to use:

  • Take a small amount of primer onto your fingertips.
  • Create several dots on your cheeks, chin, forehead and nose.
  • Using your fingertips or a sponge, spread the primer evenly from the centre to the outer edge of your face.

The primer can even be worn on its own.

Love the fresh no-makeup look but want to look a bit more polished than when you first woke up? Primer is your answer. The product can be worn on your eyelids and double as a light eyeshadow, or it can serve as a lighter alternative to foundation.

That’s all for today.

See you soon with another beauty product.





Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon Swatches 

I received a message from my friend asking “Are the new Lakme crayons good? I really feel like buying them.” I was like “Whattt??” After exchanging some details, I got to know that it’s a new launch. As you may have anticipated, it didn’t take me long to lay my hands upon them. 

Here are the swatches of Lakme enrich lip crayons :

Without further adieu let’s get started .  

There are 10 shades available in the market, I chose my top 3 colours 

  • 01 Berry Red
  • 02 Red Stop
  • 03 Candid Coral

MRP : Rs 185/- each 
These lip crayons have a basic lightweight crayon packaging with a black cap. These are not twist up crayons, you have to sharpen them. The best part is, every single crayon comes with a free sharpener . I am surprised that brand like Lakme is offering a crayon at such an affordable rate, and giving away 2 in 1 sharpeners with every crayon. 

MRP: Rs 185 /-
01 Berry Red

01 Berry Red – Is a beautiful true red shade. This is the signature bridal red shade of this collection .Its very pigmented and applies smoothly on the lips. This shade will suit literally every single skin tone. A total must have shade if you wear red lipsticks.

02 Red Stop

02 Red Stop – Is a brighter red than the previous shade. It has slight orange coral undertones .It’s very pigmented and glides on easily.

03 Candid Coral
03 Candid Coral – Like the name suggests, its a beautiful bright orange shade. Coral shades look amazing during summers and you should totally check it out if you love corals. Its super pigmented and applies easily.


• It stays for up to four to five hours.

• The creamy texture is not heavy on the lips.

• It does not settle in line.

• As its highly moisturised you don’t need to wear a lip balm.


• It is not water resistant .

• It does smudge a bit .

That’s all for today . See you soon with a new blog post .

Lots of love 

Shragvee ❤️

Playing with my favourite shrug #LookBook

One of my go-to garments is the shrug cardigan. This bell sleeves floral cardigan style shrug is super in and it is apt for summer as it provides shoulder coverage and some upper arm concealing over sleeveless or spaghetti straps without disturbing the rest of the outfit too much.

Since the shrug itself is quite an interesting piece, I wore a plain pastel dress and I kept the accessories to the minimum with a pair of boho earrings to finish off the look.

Outfit details 

Pastel dress: H&M

Floral bell sleeves shrug : Reliance trends 

Earring : Street shop 

Heels : Soul to Soul 

Because every girl needs Twinkle now and then ( Featuring Cupid Pune)

If you are thinking sequins aren’t for you, ladies you are mistaken. Obviously, you have to make sure that you don’t impersonate a disco ball. It should go without saying, but sequins make a major statement and need to be used carefully whenever you’re going to bite the bullet and go for a dress covered in bling, from top to bottom.


1.  When you are wearing a sequined dress you are going to be turning heads. Never opt for a daring neckline or a dramatic silhouette on top of the sequins.

2. Don’t own too short dress or skirt, it’s okay to wear a mini dress if still that you want but try for one that you can sit in comfortably without worrying.

3. Don’t pair your sequin dress with a sequin footwear, choose a solid colour. A sequined dress does all the talking, and rest of your outfit should complement it. In other words, don’t match sparkle with sparkle

4. Don’t do a high makeup you can go with a bold lip colour if you feel like, but try to keep it as low as you can.

5. Once you own a sequin don’t be self-conscious, wear it and Flaunt it.


1. Pick a dress with a simple cut, there are plenty of styles in the market you may opt for a strapless dress, a t-shirt dress or anything you feel like but remember that when it comes to cut less really is more. Keep it basic.

2. Always own a dress that fits you well. Find a dress that hits you in all the right places.

3. Choose an all sequin dress in one colour because a patterned or multi colour sequin dress just becomes an eyesore. Whether your dress is golden that I am wearing in the picture black, silver … choose one and stick to it.

4. Pair your sequin with fewer accessories. Just an earring with a wrist watch is more than enough. If possible skip the jewellery.

5. You can even layer your sequin dress with a sleek jacket if you have to go in a daylight.

Tell me, how do you wear your sequins? Have you bought anything sequined yet? What will you wear it with?

Tell me your views in the comment box below.


Outfit is from Cupid stores

Location courtesy: PlayBoy beer garden Pune

Photography by Ankit waghela

See you soon.

A Fairytale (Featuring Cupid Pune)

Childhood is the age of fairy tales. Hardly does one begin the narration with “Once upon a time . . .” in my childhood, I used to calm down and was carried away into the world of their fantasies.

When I went to the wonderful Store Cupid which is situated in Koregaon park Pune, the time I saw this dress I was blown away by the beauty of it and the time I wore it I felt as if I am a princess and Playboy beer garden is my castle (Shoot location), though I realised super soon that girl shoot is done take off this dress now and come out of your fairy tale.

Do you remember when we were in our school, our teacher used to teach us the qualities of a princess, let’s do a flashback once.

A young lady who carries herself with poise and dignity. She listens attentively. And when she speaks, she carefully chooses her words She exercises control over her emotions and makes choices based on what’s right rather than on how she feels.Though she isn’t perfect.She is kind, gentle, trustworthy, respectable and admirable.

There’s something special about the demeanour of a princess.

When you feel like indulging in other questionable behaviour, remember your crown and ask yourself, Is this the conduct of a princess? At the end everything will be good, your dream will become reality, have trust in you, never give up, be polite be generous and please never doubt yourself.

Remember that every person in the world is peerless and beautiful, if today you are facing a failure don’t worry you will taste the glory soon. Just hold up tight.

And don’t forget to do those things which give you happiness.

Outfit: Cupid Store

Location Courtesy: PlayBoy Beer Garden Pune India

Photography by: Rohit Jain and Ankit Waghela

Thank you for dropping by.

See you soon with another dress and blog.

Bohemian Rhapsody

She lives and acts by a different set of conventional rules and practices than the average person. She leads an alternative lifestyle, she is not hippy because she has an extreme wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art and literature. She is creative, optimistic and liberal.

She is nothing but just a bohemian.

Nowadays we hear this word quite often today I am going to tell you who is bohemian, how to be a bohemian and what are unconventional rules on which they walk.

The kingdom of Bohemia was established on September 26, 1212, the lands that were once known as Bohemia are now known as the Czech Republic. The bohemians that were the different artists/poets of 19th century France were simply called that because the French in their infinite ignorance assumed that gipsy people came from the kingdoms of Bohemia.

Bohemian lives a carefree and liberal life. I will tell you how you can recognise that a person is living a bohemian lifestyle or how you can be a boho.

1. Bohemians hold the creation of art above all pursuits. If that means quitting your day job and moving into a studio apartment filled with paints, they will do that.

PS: Don’t go quitting your job if you have no other means of financial stability.

2. Bohemians are carefree what they like and don’t is a part of their individual personality and they don’t hide it.

3. They challenge what you and others believe. If you have grown up with a certain belief system it could be religion, political view etc ask yourself why you believe this.

4. They don’t agree with everything from a particular ideology. If there is an aspect to admire they will not hesitate to incorporate it into their own life.

5. They question authority and there is a reason associated with each question.

PS: If you are the one then make sure you always be respectful and use logic when you are questioning.

The best part of a bohemian person is they live for the moment.

If something goes wrong, don’t stress and freak out. Just let it flow and calmly try to solve the problem. Try to live without regrets. Take time for yourself and most importantly love yourself.

The bohemian style is about comfort, generally, clothing should not be tight and the fabrics used must allow your skin to breathe. Bohemians care about expressing themselves. So wear what makes you feel good.

Glaring and Enliven summer

Hello peeps,

Does it happen to you when you find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe staring at clothes but you observe that all the fabrics, prints and colours you see are not making sense to you any longer?

Well, that is nothing but a very common syndrome  I-have-nothing-to-wear has just smacked you. Now either you will go for the shopping or you may go smart by mixing and matching prints.

Today I am gonna tell you how to make your summer nights look enliven and glaring by mix and matching your old fabrics and how you can smack any evening ethnic party with a vogue, but there are a few guidelines to follow if you want to avoid a jarring and uncoordinated look.  As you read below, keep in mind that the patterns and colors don’t need to “match” each other, they just need to “go” together.

1.Minimum is always good

The idea is to play with prints without crowding them. In this look, I focused on how to match this long skirt that I bought a year back from one of the flea markets with the fabrics that I have in my closet, what I did I took out my golden blouse and matched it with an ethnic multicoloured short waist coat to give this look.

This look oozes out a fresh vibe and works perfectly for Spring summer. Keeping it minimal, I styled my outfit with super comfortable golden mojari. I like to call this the free spirit colourful look.

2. Use Accessory wisely

While selecting an accessory always keep in mind that the focus of the outfit is the pattern, not the accessory and always keep it minimal.

3.Mix patterns from the same color family.

In this look, I teamed my pink dupatta considering the pink hue at the bottom of the long skirt. Using hues from one main color when mixing patterns can create a very subtle look.

If you have a single color, play with different shades of the color.  So long as you still vary the scale and type of pattern, you can create a very cohesive look of mixed patterns this way. Always use colors with consistent intensities.  For example never mix pastel, with a bold jewel tone and vice-versa.


4.Group together patterns that have similar styles

If you have a defined style in your closet, also give some thought as to the types of patterns that you mix together.  Traditional patterns tend to mix easier with other traditional patterns, versus mixing them with bold, contemporary prints.

Last but not the least don’t be afraid to break the rules.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so break the rules if it looks good to you!

That’s all for today.

See you soon till then #bepeerless.